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We offer retailers a program that allows them to safely buy gift cards and store credit from their customers. Most of our existing partners are check cashing stores, pawn shops, and/or gold buyers, however our program is versatile and easy to implement. We pride ourselves in offering a unique service, which includes fraud protection, customized marketing, and a simple procurement process.

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About Our Program

Your stores will buy unwanted gift cards or store credit from customers at a discounted rate, through our unique and simple process. Once you are ready to submit your cards, we provide you with a prepaid insured shipping label to mail the cards to GiftCardBin. Once the cards are received, we send you an email notification along with payment confirmation. Commissions are paid via check or ACH.

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What our Partners are Saying About Us

"Our partnership with GiftCardBin was one of the smartest decisions we ever made. This partnership not only helps our bottom line, but our customers love the ability to turn their gift cards into cash".
H. Mauge - Neighborhood Tax Services

Gift Card has been a successful addition to our menu of services for our customers. A quick, safe transaction resulting in easy cash conversion.
J. Silverman - USA Checks Cashed

As a pawnbroker, the partnership with GiftCardBin is a natural fit and great revenue booster for our stores. . .The GiftCardBin staff are always available when we need them and the ongoing support we receive in the form of training and marketing is a huge benefit and definitely factors into our success.
F. Ellis - Capitol City Pawn Shop, Inc.

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